Airbus A320 Flight Training Device at University Dresden

The chair of Air Transport Technology and Logistics (IFL) at TU Dresden operates a A320 simulator which is a complete replica of an A320 flight deck. The hardware set up is a combination of ecaFAROS and Flightdeck Solutions (FDS) components and includes all control, input and output devices. The FAA-certified software from Laminar Research (X-Plane Verison 9) is used for the simulation environment and extended by a highly detailed model of the Airbus A320, including avionics systems, flight management and guidance system (FMGCS) as well as hydraulic and electric bus systems. The model has been made available to the IFL by QPAC as part of a cooperation agreement including the model source code, providing the chair with the opportunity to make any desired adjustments to a specific aircraft systems in the context of research and development. Thus, the system is in a constant evolution. The simulator is designed as a fixed-based flight training device (FTD) and serves as a highly potential resource for the research in the field of Trajectory Management, Airport Management and Safety Assessment carried out by the chair and furthermore suitable for courses, trainings and demonstrations.

QPAC A320 Sim at TU Dresden (German TV coverage)


Some impressions of the University Dresden Airbus A320 Flight Training Device using our flight simulator are online at the IFL homepage.

A320 V2.0 final released

The QPAC development team is happy to announce that the final version of the A320 V2.0 has been released. The A320 provides you with

  • High resolution, high fidelity flight displays including 2 independent moveable popup MCDUs.
  • Custom FMGS supporting overfly, altitude and speed constraints as well as curved flight path display.
  • Physics based system failure simulation for electrics, hydraulics and fuel including more than 80 ECAM warnings and cautions with related on screen check lists.
  • 3d exterior lighting supporting HDR (XP10 only)
  • Custom sounds

You are welcome to visit us at the Berlin Airshow. Our flight simulator will be at display in hall 3, booth 3430a

V2.0 Beta 4 released

Version 2.0 Beta 4 has been released. Please visit to the store to buy or download the update.

This beta provides the following bug fixes and new features:

There are some changes affecting aircraft operation, which you may need to get used to coming from the previous versions:

  • Flap/slat speed limit (VFE) on PFD now depends only on lever position like in real life, not on actual surface position.  Be careful not to overspeed during flap/slat retraction!
  • The speed brake lever now has 4 detents for manual extension; you'll have to select speed brake down twice for half speed brake, and four times for full speed brake. (With AP on, more than half speedbrake is not permitted.)
  • The idle setting for the engines at high speed has been increased to reflect better the behaviour of the real aircraft. You will have to start your descent earlier because of this; use 30NM for 10000ft of height loss as a rule of thumb.
  • All external lights have been reworked and can now be operated; for the best effect, you will need XP10 with HDR rendering turned on though.
  • You can now shortcut ADIRU alignment via the MCDU MENU/QPAC Actions page; this is useful, if you don't want to wait the full 10 minutes or  need to realign in flight after an IR fault that you reset.
  • There is an auto-pause function that pauses on any Master Warning or caution message. Useful, if you go away from the computer for a while. (Also available on the MCDU MENU / QPAC Actions page.
  • The thrust lever detents for CL and MCT have been increased in size and are therefore not quite at the same position as before. Check the FMA to find the right position.

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