Feature Comparision

QPAC Airbus A320 Feature Comparison


QPAC Airbus A320-232
Version 2.0





Release Date (for Plus & Premium as forecast)




Price (US $)








X-plane 9


X-plane 10, 32-bit

X-plane 10, 64-bit



Plugin in written in plain C (avoids SASL/lua issues)

XP 10 performance and user interface tuning (Note 1)

QPAC’s ILS auto-align feature (Note 2)

Large choice of startup configurations (Note 3)

Improved PFD and ND synoptic (Note 4)

Large pop-up PFD and ND in 2D panel mode



Additional ND and EWD features (Note 5)


Situation replay capability (Note 6)

3D model


Standard model (QPAC A320 V1.1) with 2D panel

Eligible for upgrade to high-quality 3D model, including 3D cockpit and wing flex (additional cost apply, available in 2015)

Fly-by-wire implementation


Highly realistic implementation of the Airbus “normal law”

Additional FBW fine-tuning based on real-life pilot feedback

Implementation of “Alternate Law” and “Direct Law”, including reconfiguration due to system failures.


Flight management implementation


Basic flight planning (based on X-plane FMS)


Compatible XFMC


“What you see is what you fly” flight path indication on ND

2 fully independent MCDUs with pages INIT, FPLN (main page), DIR, and PERF. Also pages MCDU Menu, RADNAV and DATA (Note 7)

Additional MCDU pages: FPLN subpages (Lat Revision, Vert Revision, Arrival, Departure), PROG


SID/STAR support


Basic Holding support (Note 8)



Advanced Holding support (Note 8)


Alternate and temporary flight plan support


Basic TOD-prediction



Full performance prediction, including descent profile respecting altitude and speed constraints.


Airways support


Autopilot implementation


Implementation of all Airbus AP modes (except non-precision approach and LOC backcourse)

Non-precision approach AP modes (APP NAV, FINAL, Localizer backcourse)


Choice between HDG-VS and TRK-FPA (includes FPV indication on PFD, if TRK-FPA selected)

Fully independent AP1 and AP2 (Note 9)

Other aircraft systems


Complete ADIRU model (Note 10)

Ability to simultaneously tune 1 ILS and 2 VOR

Complete fuel system model, including gravity feed, fuel transfer and center tank pump logic

Complete hydraulic system model, including electrical pump, PTU engagement and RAT deployment logics

Complete electrical system model, including all bus reconfigurations upon failure.

Basic air-conditioning model, including custom cabin pressure and temperature regulation

FBW flight control computer simulation (Note 11)

Basic electrical interdependency package (Note 12)

Advanced electrical interdependency package (Note 13)


Engines operating in genuine EPR mode with possible reversion to N1 mode


Automatic NAV aid tuning and possibility of backup NAV tuning via Radio Management Panel (RMP)


Abnormal procedures simulation


Basic ECAM actions pack (Note 14)

Advanced ECAM actions pack (Note 15)

Professional ECAM actions pack (Note 16)


Custom oral attention getters (=warning sounds)


Please check QPAC Airbus A320 V2 Feature Notes for explanation of Notes 1. to 16.