A330-300 available

X-Plane Airbus A330-300 available using QPAC FBW including:

Detailed modeling

  • 3D Cockpit - HD Texturing
  • Full 3D exterior model
Aircraft Systems 
  • Electrical - Hydraulic
  • Complete ADIRU modeled
  • ILS and VOR work together
  • Customized ECAM with Airbus flight phase logic
  • ILS auto-align
  • All Airbus AP modes modeled (except non-precision approach and LOC backcourse)
  • Complete HDG-VS and TRK-FPA modes
  • 2 independent autopilots (AP1, AP2)
MCDU and Flight Management
  • Custom MCDU
  • Based on XP native data
  • Both MCDUs  are modeled
  • Curved trajectories with the turn radius properly computed based on speed and angular turn distance.
  • Pop-up MCDUs
  • Highly realistic implementation of the Airbus fly-by-wire system.

3 engines variants

  • Rolls Royce Trent 700
  • General Electric CF6-80E1
  • Pratt & Whitney  PW4000
  • 10 paint schemes included