Ultimate realism

Since 2009, QPAC stands synonymous with the most realistic simulation of the Airbus Fly-by-wire and hydro-mechanical systems for the X-Plane world. The level of realism achieved made aerospace companies like Flight Data Services Ltd or universities like the Dresden University of Technology choose the QPAC A320 with its fly-by-wire technology as backbone for some of their projects.
Flight data services Ltd uses a modified version of the QPAC A320 for X-Plane to replay Flight Data Recorder data from in-service aircraft to analyze and rate in-flight occurrences. At the Dresden University of Technology, the QPAC A320 is used as backbone for a research simulator at the Institute of Logistics and Aviation. In fact, a lot of the development done for the Dresden University of Technology flowed back down into the QPAC Airbus A320 V2; therefore, private users can directly profit from the cooperation.

Improved usability

We at QPAC understand that only a small part of users have the time to perform a complete flight, including ADIRU initialization, flight planning, weight and balance, etc., every time they want to use X-Plane. Therefore, we have included a number of startup options in the QPAC A320 V2. You can choose to start with the engines already running, or with the airplane completely shut down as well as with intermediate states (see detailed feature list below), depending on your needs. We also allow in-flight initializations, e.g., if you just want to practice your landing skills. When initializing in-flight just allow 5-10 seconds for the FBW system to find the right trim for the aircraft and you’re good to go.
This concept forced us to do some modifications that sometimes violate the goal of ultimate realism. For example, we allow filing the INIT page on the MCDU with the engines running. On the real aircraft you cannot do that. Also, if you initiate your take-off without entering a V2 speed, the QPAC A320 will still activate the SRS vertical AP mode and will use the CAS at lift-off as V2. On the real aircraft, SRS mode would not activate and the V/S mode would activate shortly after take-off. For the Premium version, we will allow the user to switch off this “shortcut” behavior in order to replace it by the behavior of the real aircraft.
The QPAC A320 is also one of the very few aircraft for X-Plane with highly sophisticated systems that allows for a reasonable level of replay. We record most of the data required for correct PFD/ND/EWD representation during replay as well as data required for animating the external model, allowing replay of the past 30 minutes. So if you want to check out the best landing you ever did from every angle – the QPAC A320 allows you to do just that. (Note that in order to minimize memory usage of the replay feature, we do not record system data required for the System display to operate correctly during replay.)

Compatibility with other addons

At QPAC, we put all our efforts into providing you a highly realistic and easy-to-use implementation of the Airbus A320 aircraft. Therefore, we have to rely on other addons for X-Plane to provide you additional features such as fuel trucks or pushback vehicles greeting you at the gate. We have made sure that our product is compatible with:

  • Marginal’s Autogate plugin, and
  • Ground Services - Pushback, Refueling alpha

 in order to allow for a fun on-the-ground experience.